2022 May 19 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

As the world continues to spin out of control, it’s a good time to evaluate the relationships around you and to choose your team wisely. The Good Citizen has some great advice on how to build your own wolf pack.

Maybe this is a bit too close to Hollywood or political gossip but the Elon Musk and Twitter saga has been very revealing. Andrea Widburg explains how between Musk and Project Veritas, Twitter’s mask is being removed.

Do you still believe that our government is working to represent you and your interests? J.B. Shurk has a marvelous take on how Americans and their government have become divided by a common language.

Ready for some good news? A combination of awareness and memes has caused the DHS to pull the plug on its newly created ministry of truth. Lovers of free speech owe Jack Posobiec a debt of gratitude.

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