2022 May 16 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Considering how our own economy is wheezing along on life support, it’s hard to imagine why American politicians are so eager to give away taxpayers’ money. Jordan Schachtel asks, where is the $56 billion ‘to Ukraine’ actually going?

We’ve all witnessed the manner in which our lives can be commandeered in the name of public health. Debra Heine explains how the World Health Organization wants to control public health–and your life.

What are we to do when our government rejects everything that we believe in? Here’s a timeless column from the one and only Fred Reed with a workable, one-word answer: disengagement.

The current push to clamp down on free speech is being justified as if free speech were as dangerous as a runaway brushfire. Annie Holmquist says, the more you try to stamp out free speech, the more it spreads.

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