2022 March 8 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

There are plenty of interpretations and theories about what the war in Ukraine is about. Take a moment to consider Tom Luongo’s take on the matter. He says, thanks to Putin’s war, the race is on for the great reset.

We all heard the people in authority use words like “safe and effective” when describing the Covid vaccines. Dr. Brian C. Joondeph wonders whatever happened to that claim and why don’t we hear it anymore?

The people who pushed for lockdowns and other denials of personal autonomy are in full damage control mode right now. Kit Knightly warns, don’t believe the media’s fake post mortem–the pandemic was no mistake.

Mask mandates are dropping fast but there are some stubborn holdouts, as anyone traveling by plane understands perfectly. Scott Morefield asks, will the mask mandates for plane travel ever end?

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