2022 March 7 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

At a time where almost any stance is sure to set off the perpetually offended, here’s a truly controversial topic: chastity is the key to happiness. Jeffrey Folks does a great job of connecting the dots.

What does the Covid crisis have to do with the Ukraine crisis? Both are perfect examples of how we are being steered from one crisis to the next. Jordan Schachtel says this is why Americans have no obligation to sacrifice for the war in Ukraine.

The desire to see those who urged and implemented lockdowns held accountable for their policies isn’t a call for vengeance. It’s a call for accountability so public health doesn’t err on the side of catastrophe again.

A pandemic of war-driven irrationality is sweeping through the Western world and anything “Russian” is being banned. Roger Kimball has a gentle but firm rebuke over “Russian to judgment: the birth of a meme.

If you haven’t already subscribed to the Good Citizen’s substack, please consider it. Likewise, Tom Luongo is another voice worth hearing. These are two excellent resources for truthseekers.

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