2022 March 4 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The political class is getting very twitchy about the citizenry. They’ve forgotten that their temporary authority originates with the people and that they are servants. J.B. Shurk reminds us why rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.

The speed with which Covid guidance has changed is remarkable. And more than a little suspicious. Jon Miltimore details what we can learn from the CDC changing its Covid risk formula for non-scientific reasons.

I have deep respect for the parents who are training faithful foot soldiers in the war against the elite. Annie Holmquist reveals how having a good, strong family is the best way to contain the ruling class.

Pushing back against the official propaganda that’s being directed at us 24/7 isn’t just a contrarian hobby. As Gary D. Barnett writes, we have a duty to resist the state control of media and the press.

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