2022 March 4 Liberty Moms with host Kris Kimball

Kris Kimball interviews Bonnie Straight of Texas in a discussion of what “we the people” need to do to restore our individual sovereignty in the way God designed for us. Bonnie is famous in Texas for suing the “un-suable” and winning! That is how we keep our elected officials inline. The caveat is Bonnie doesn’t use an attorney, she sues them herself. Abuses happen here in Utah, recently at the State Legislature, a man was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, yet committed no crime. The criminal action was taken by the Committee Chair who shut down the free speech of the people, ignoring the legislative rules.

To learn more about becoming a State National: “Treason” by Mike Blackwell is great overview and you can visit www.statenational.us for information on future David Straight workshops here in Utah.

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