2022 March 31 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Activism in the public school system is a serious temptation for some teachers. Abigail Schrier provides some unsettling examples of how activist teachers in the California school system are recruiting kids into sexual identity and gender politics.

How can a broken society break its addiction to cynicism, joylessness and information? Emina Melonic says we must first reject the slogan embraced by the great resetters who say start from zero again.

A few days ago, Dr. Fauci claimed “we may never know” if the costs of lockdowns will outweigh the benefits. Here’s a timely dose of reality for the good doctor regarding the flawed Imperial College model that fueled his fear machine.

Care to guess what the number one cause of war has been since 1898? Simon Black says, historically speaking, it’s the media. And what they’re doing right now is pushing us closer to global war.

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