2022 March 30 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Some of the most powerful weapons that threaten us are chemicals. Not nerve agents but the chemicals within our bodies that react when we encounter fear, shame and intimidation. Paul Rosenberg describes how to train ourselves not to respond to them.

The more our government continues to spiral out of control, the more clearly we can see the need for strict limits on its power. Jacob Hornberger has some points to ponder on the Constitution and how we’ve strayed from it.

If you found yourself in a situation similar to that faced by many Ukrainians, would stand and fight for your country or get out of Dodge? Daisy Luther has a sobering essay on what a recent poll reveals about the attitudes of many Americans.

Anyone who has tried to rent a moving truck in the last year or so knows that the exodus from U.S. cities is gaining speed. Jon Miltimore has an excellent article showing how Census data confirms the trend.

Understanding the crisis that is developing before us takes steady nerves and a willingness to face hard truths. The Z-man has a solid, non-partisan take on the crisis and where we’re headed.


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