2022 March 28 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I know we’re not supposed to ascribe to malice what could be mere incompetence. Having said that, check out Glenn Greenwald’s take on how Biden’s reckless words underscores the dangers of a proxy war in Ukraine.

If you remember nothing else from today’s show, it should be this: individuals have the right to keep secrets but your government doesn’t. Whitson G. Waldo has the lowdown on digital money and liberty.

Serious about making a difference in the world around you? Stop worrying about things you cannot control. Annie Holmquist recommends learning to laugh at the times to come.

We’ve all heard the analogy about frogs and a boiling pot of water. Roger Kimball says don’t count the American people as being fully boiled just yet. We may have some jump left in us yet.

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