2022 March 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

To fully appreciate the magnitude of the coming financial shift, we first need to understand what’s happening to the petrodollar system. Nick Giambruno explains what its coming collapse portends.

I sometimes wonder how many people really recognize the seriousness of those who are trying to eliminate free speech to “protect” us from “misinformation.” The Good Citizen warns that the internet is next.

A story out of Canada shows an interesting correlation between those who’ve had 3 or more Covid vaccinations and those who most strongly support war against Russia. The Z-man takes a closer look at the hive mind.

If you don’t know about Dr. Thomas Szasz and his campaign against psychiatric coercion and the therapeutic state, here’s a great place to start. Bernardo Decoster has an excellent article on the late psychiatrist’s message regarding coercion vs. voluntary treatment.

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