2022 March 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The powers that be spent a lot of time and effort after WWII creating global interdependence. Now it’s biting all of us in the rear. J.B. Shurk explains how regional self-sufficiency is the key to keeping the peace in our time.

The upcoming elections were looking more and more like a day of reckoning for Democrats and lockdowners. Now, as Jordan Schachtel puts it, 2022 has become the “preventing WWIII election.”

Never underestimate the power of a good myth to keep people from noticing things they’re not supposed to notice. The Z-man has a great take on today’s mythmaking as it relates to U.S. foreign policy.

The thought of food scarcity is too frightening for many of us to even consider. John Klar says beware the great agricultural reset where food, famine and fear will be used to bring us under control.

To fully appreciate the magnitude of the coming financial shift, we first need to understand what’s happening to the petrodollar system. Nick Giambruno explains what its coming collapse portends.

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