2022 March 18 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Non-conformists are often accused of having highly suspect motives. This is an unfair judgment on the part of their critics. Michael Driver describes how the real problem is everyone doing what they’re told.

If you have any sense that we may face disruptions in the food supply chain in the near future, now is the time to take action. Anony Mee says when the food shortages come–here’s what to do.

The media knows they’re lying. We know they’re lying. But they still keep lying to us. Glenn Greenwald nails the MSM to the wall over their false claims that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.”

It’s astonishing that even many of the people who recognize how predatory government is becoming, at every level, will still fall in line to support it when the war drums start beating. Kent McManigal has a great perspective on why we should always question the official line.

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