2022 March 16 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

It’s been noted that the biggest crisis of the day isn’t a virus or a military conflict, it’s the fact that the public is so seamlessly led from one crisis into the next. Jeffrey A. Tucker explains how public opinion ended Covid and started the next thing.

Ready for a straight up red pill? This brief commentary by Eugyppius is a solid explanation of how the people who want to rule your mind and soul are all part of the same malign force.

Educational reform is a hot button issue for lots of folks right now. If you’ve ever wondered just what those calling for “reform” mean, wait until you hear about the 4 pillars of vacuity.

Electric vehicles are fast, quiet and supposedly good for the environment (if you don’t think about how batteries are made). Here’s a great commentary on the contradictions and confusion of getting Americans to buy electric cars.


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