2022 March 16 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

With so much attention being deliberately focused on the Ukraine/Russia conflict, too many people are missing a comprehensive control system being erected all around us. Alexandros Marinos spells it out.

In spite of the gathering clouds overhead, there is reason for optimism. Part II of Robert Gore’s essay “This Is Your Last Chance” is a detailed and encouraging summarization of what’s coming.

It sure didn’t take long for the criminalization of dissent to reach the labeling as “traitors” phase. Glenn Greenwald shows how Mitt Romney’s “treason” smear of Tulsi Gabbard is now typical of discourse in the U.S.

Are you starting to recognize how the loudest complainers about “misinformation” in the U.S. are the ones doing the most to spread it. James Howard Kunstler wonders if those in charge are just playing dumb or truly braindead.

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