2022 June 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

With Independence Day approaching, it’s time to visit some of the lesser known stories behind the Declaration of Independence. Caleb Franz from the Profiles In Liberty podcast has the details.

It’s sad that so many people have bought into the fiction that it’s right and proper for government to force others to do something against their better judgement. Kent McManigal nails it: Government crushes individuality.

Learning history is more than learning about names, dates and events. Tuttle Twins creator Connor Boyack joins me to talk about the new Tuttle Twins American History book and how it teaches the ideas that shaped the world.

If you don’t yet know the tale of Cole Summers, it’s one worth knowing. Hannah Frankman shares the story of the most remarkable unschooler, entrepreneur and prodigy who has left his mark on the world.

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