2022 June 2 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

It’s hard to overstate how powerful humor can be in helping us keep things in perspective. Annie Holmquist describes why laughter is the bane of tyrants and a legit tool to free us from mental tyranny.

If our willingness to stand by as another person is abused or victimized is a test of our character, American society is flunking that test badly. Breason Jacak wonders, where are all the men?

If you aren’t familiar with the story of Sophie Scholl, it’s one worth knowing. Jacob Hornberger recounts her heroism and asks whether the White Rose was right or wrong on patriotism.

When you question the narrative, it really upsets some folks. Not because they’re stupid and evil. Instead, as Caitlin Johnstone explains, it upsets them because they’re not ready to hear the truth.

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