2022 June 2 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

It sure would be nice if all the mask mandates were truly behind us. But it’s clearly not. Jon Miltimore explains how the mask wars are back and the folks who pushed them before aren’t letting it go.

The calls for gun control always intensify following a high profile murderous crime like the Uvalde school shootings. Thomas L. Knapp has some highly relevant thoughts on car keys and gun control that perfectly illustrate the problem.

Even when things go disastrously wrong, we can take comfort in the fact that it’s only a temporary thing. But that hasn’t happened with the covid response. Megan Mansell asks, when will our sense of security return?

Memorial Day has come and gone but the significance of what cemeteries can teach us doesn’t depend upon a holiday. Grace Bydalek says cemeteries remind us of the importance of religion.

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