2022 June 15 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Forget wasting your time playing “Where’s Waldo?” As Ned Crosby explains, the real question that the Jan 6 Committee needs to be exploring is, where’s Ray Epps? And why won’t the feds acknowledge his role in the events of Jan 5-6th, 2021?

As often as we hear the term “fascism” tossed around, it’s clear not many people understand what it means. David Bell says we’re seeing the emergence of neo-fascism in public health, all in the name of the greater good.

Do you find yourself wincing every time you notice gas prices have jumped again? You’re not alone. Annie Holmquist has some sound advice on finding hope as gas prices rise and society tanks.

If the Jan 6 hearings have caught your attention, check out Julie Kelly’s “January 6 for Non-Dummies”

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