2022 June 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

When I saw that J.B. Shurk had weighed in on the Jan 6 committee hearings, I was curious what his take might be. I wasn’t disappointed. He clearly lays out how the J6 committee’s real target is you and me.

It’s a fact that people are more generous when they’re prosperous. Chris Baecker wonders whether government should be bribing seniors to volunteer by giving them a break on their property taxes.

We all recognize that our dollars are buying less and less each day. But few people understand why this is so. The Z-man breaks down the growing monetary madness we’re experiencing.

If pride goeth before the fall, we’re in for a major reckoning with reality. James Howard Kunstler calls out the national sexual/political psychodrama and asks, “Are you proud of yourselves?

Fear and anger are powerful distractions. Perhaps that’s why the political class is using them to keep us from noticing the house burning down around us. Ron Paul explains why Democrats are pushing insurrection theater.

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