2022 June 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

What do a collapsing dollar, global economy, energy supplies and our food and supply chains have in common? As the Good Citizen explains, they all seem to be suffering from engineered chaos at the same time. How strange.

Is the current administration purposely destroying reliable energy in the United States? Jordan Schachtel has a thoughtful take on what’s driving our forced transition to “green energy.

The political class is using the Jan 6 hearings to remind us why we “need” them, yet those of us outside of the Beltway remain unconvinced. Caitlin Johnstone says it’s because their actions are those of textbook sociopathic manipulators.

Finding middle ground on the current push to indoctrinate small children regarding gender identity is no easy task. Brandon Smith says this is an issue where one side is completely and utterly wrong.

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