2022 June 10 Liberty Moms with host Kris Kimball

Kris Kimball interviews Pamela Smith about her Camp Freedom up in Mountain Green in Morgan County. A place where kids ages 1st through 6th grade can learn about the founding history and principles of our country. Learning from Thomas Jefferson,  Ben Franklin and others about God’s Law and our founding documents. Visit www.campfreedomutah.com to get your kids signed up. July 18-22nd 2022.

In the 2nd half hour we discussed the problems with Congressman Blake Moore and John Curtis becoming rich with insider knowledge of stock trading  while they are serving in Congress. The problems with an immoral society that gives us men without character, integrity and ethics. Primary voting is underway in Utah, the importance of voting on election day and seeking help from the Lord in this process of selecting the men and women who will serve you.

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