2022 June 1 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

While politicians blindly swat at guns as a symptom of school shootings, it’s rare to find someone who can zero in on the root causes. John Daniel Davidson says school shootings are caused not by faulty gun laws but by the collapse of the family.

Keith Kelsch from Local Commonwealth joins me to invite my Southern Utah listeners to a free screening of “2000 Mules” at 6pm tonight at the Electric Theater in St. George, Utah. This film is worth a watch if you have questions about election integrity.

Anytime someone opines that “no one needs an AR15” you can be sure they’re not thinking of taking such tools away from government. Paul Rosenberg reminds us that death by government is 20 times more common than death by criminal.

When does another major fire at a food production facility stop looking like coincidence and start looking fishy? Something we may want to ask ourselves as one of the largest egg factories in the U.S. burned down last weekend.

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