2022 July 7 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Tired of having to wade through a swamp of wokeness to find entertainment that the whole family can enjoy? Check out this list of shows and books compiled by Paul Rosenberg with the help of his readers.

How I wish “build back better” was just another conspiracy theory. Jordan Schachtel breaks down how the publicly stated goals of the global elites are simply repackaged hubris to replace the rule of law.

How far are you willing to go to live life on your own terms? The Good Citizen points out that, for at least 2 million Americans, the answer is to Mexico. When will Mexico build a wall?

Suffering through a serving of broccoli as a kid wasn’t much fun, even if it was “good for you” as our parents asserted. Michael Snyder says a similar dynamic is at play when politicians tell us to suffer through a recession for the “good of the liberal world order.”

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