2022 July 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

When it comes to making sense of the wave of craziness sweeping across the globe, James Howard Kunstler is hard to beat. He’s confident that the wrecking crew will be overcome.

If you love street food, here’s something to consider. A woman in LA recounts how it was street food vendors who cleaned up and revitalized a bad neighborhood and helped neighbors to meet one another.

Efforts to make wokeness a mainstay in US classrooms have intensified of late. Thankfully, some are finally pushing back. John Dale Dunn says the National Association of Scholars is taking on the Marxists in education.

It’s taken a long time but the lockdown and vax narratives are finally beginning to crumble. El Gato Malo says the tipping point on vaccines and covid policy approaches.

It’s a shame it’s so controversial to suggest that the natural differences between the feminine and the masculine are complementary and beneficial to a healthy society. Paul Rosenberg explains the feminine principle and how our culture is currently lacking it.


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