2022 July 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

Here’s a new word to add to your vocabulary: kakistocracy. Dan Sanchez explains what it means to be governed by the worst and what we can do about it.

Watching things fall apart that we’ve long taken for granted can be pretty disconcerting. JB Shurk says, that’s definitely where we are right now but he reminds us that freedom’s worth the fight.

To hear the political class tell it, we the people are like little children who cannot handle difficult truths. Ned Cosby explains why not only do we, the people, want the truth but we also deserve nothing less from those in authority.

If you thought the mandate and lockdown battles were behind us, don’t let your guard down just yet. Ian Miller says, as predicted, masks are coming back and certain officials seem determined to bring us to heel.

It takes serious conviction to refuse to be conscripted into someone else’s transgender fantasy. Jordan Boyd makes a strong case that the trans agenda is about erasing the past to control the future.

Given the circus that politics in America has become, it shouldn’t be surprising that some voters are looking for the exits. Lauren Farrell has some advice for those who find themselves politically homeless.


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