2022 July 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

Much of politics is simply negotiation as to how badly our rights should be violated by whomever is in power. David Bell cuts to the heart of the matter by asking, are we free by right or not?

Nothing illustrates the moral bankruptcy of gun control advocates like their sourpuss reactions to a 22 year old common citizen singlehandedly stopping a mass shooter. D. Parker explains why leftists can’t deal with the fact that guns save lives.

Ryan Walters says it’s no secret that the introduction of woke ideology in the classroom is intended to teach our children to despise everything that came before us. How might we teach them to love what is right and great about America?

It wasn’t so long ago that serving in America’s armed forces was considered a good and respectable thing. Has wokeness and other PC indoctrination shifted our attitudes to where fewer people are willing to enlist?

All the things that are supposed to be scaring us into surrendering our remaining freedoms and natural rights don’t seem to be working so well right now. Covid, monkeypox, Russia, etc., aren’t having their desired effect on us. Stand by for a climate emergency to justify the next wave of power-seeking.


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