2022 July 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

Lots of us recognize the problem but we’re not sure what to do about it. Andrew Coppens joins me to talk about his new podcast “Reviving Liberty” and to share some very workable suggestions of things we can start doing today.

It’s surprising how much an unexpected call from a friend can lift a person’s spirit. In fact, a new psychological study confirms that unexpectedly reaching out to a friend is more appreciated than we assume.

Maintaining awareness of the blatant mental manipulation that’s aimed at us every day is an essential survival. Catt Black has a great explanation of why we’re thrown into conflicts that aren’t of our choosing.

The more the ruling class and the media try to convince us that Ray Epps is just an innocent bystander from Jan 6 and not a key instigator, the more suspicious it looks. Nobody is covering this like Revolver News.

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