2022 July 15 The Bryan Hyde Show

Like a campfire that appears to have gone out but still contains dangerous embers, the threat of covid mania roaring back to life is very real. The Good Citizen shares his experiences in one of the remaining hot spots.

The problem with being serious about standing up for your rights is that the people determined to take them away get very upset, for some reason. Alex Madajian says conservatives must prioritize the Second Amendment.

This one stung me pretty hard. As delicious and convenient as our favorite snacks may be, we’re eating ourselves to death. Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke warns of the hazard of our snack and die lifestyle.

The people who are paying attention right now might as well change their preferred pronouns to Aware/Alarmed. Jeff Minnick has a terrific essay about being a candle in the dark and the call to enlist against tyranny.

There’s a bit of a lull right now in the Russia-is-to-blame narrative being pushed by US politicians and media. Even so, Pat Buchanan wonders, is a US-Russia war becoming inevitable?

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