2022 July 14 The Bryan Hyde Show

In American society, there are two kinds of people. Those who rule and those who are ruled. Francis P. Sempa has the key to understanding our ruling elites and why they cannot be trusted with power.

There’s a lot of things shaping up that are concerning, to put it mildly. Kent McManigal explains how preparation can ease your anxiety.

If you’ve ever wondered what a legit mass psychosis looks like, look no further than the left’s barbaric obsession with transgenderism. Patricia McCarthy describes the sheer lunacy that’s being pushed on us.

If you’re serious about protecting and perpetuating freedom for future generations, there’s a lot of work to be done. Annie Holmquist says there’s no place like home to help freedom grow.

Quantifying what has happened to the American Republic requires understanding our nation’s history. Judge Andrew Napolitano has a terrific summary of how the tyranny of the majority came to be.


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