2022 July 13 The Bryan Hyde Show

Thanks to a whistleblower, it’s looking more and more like the feds themselves were instrumental in setting in motion the events of Jan 6, 2021. Frank Bergman says leaked DOJ documents are casting serious doubt on the official “insurrection” narrative.

Want to hear something that will put a smile on your face? Check out this unroll from a Twitter thread about an incredible family business success story. I promise it will make your day.

The covid fear peddlers are starting up again. Before giving your consent to any more of their irrational demands, consider Jon Miltimore’s article about more evidence that school mask mandates are not effective.

Fear has become the fuel for much of our thoughts and actions. Molly Kingsley and Liz Cole have a great take on the generation of children raised by fear.

The moral energy that we bring to each day is precious and finite. That’s why we must take care that we’re not tricked into throwing them away. Paul Rosenberg has a brilliant essay on the dispersion of moral energies.

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