2022 July 12 The Bryan Hyde Show

It’s my privilege each week to spend some quality time visiting with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. Eric always has a thoughtful and informed take on current events and a talent for wordsmithing.

Can you believe there was ever a time when the American people generally trusted the federal government to do the right thing, in most instances? Shakil Hamid summarizes the reasons why today, they don’t trust us and we don’t trust them.

The borg-like systems that seek to rule our world want us to believe that resistance is futile. J.B. Shurk says the Davos death cult’s bad moon is rising and it doesn’t look well for them.

It’s mildly disappointing that Elon Musk has decided not to purchase and reform Twitter. Jeffrey A. Tucker describes Musk’s decision not to save Twitter from itself.

Ever get the sense that we’re only allowed to vote on things which will not actually reduce our governmental footprint? Caitlin Johnstone has a great take on our political false dichotomies.

U.S. media is curiously quiet about the farmer protests currently underway in parts of Europe. Dutch farmers, in particular, have legitimate reasons to be upset with their political officials.

If you’ve been seduced by the siren song of “nearly free” solar panels for your home, James Howard Kunstler has some advice. He says bend toward simplicity. He wishes he had.

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