2022 January 7 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

You’ve no doubt heard a lot about the alleged “threats to our democracy” recently. J. Peder Zane has noticed that the ones shouting the loudest about democracy are the very same ones who are working overtime to subvert it for their own political goals.

There are many reasons to oppose the lockdown mentality and the harm it causes to our freedoms, the economy and our mental health. Here’s another reason lockdowns and mandates have been especially destructive: pandemic babies are showing developmental delays, even if their mothers didn’t have Covid.

You don’t have to be carrying a grudge in order to recognize that the relationship the government and the people has shifted dramatically in the last two years. Judge Andrew Napolitano spells out the chilling lessons of Covid-19 and why they matter as we move forward.

Everyone who steered clear of their television set yesterday was wise to do so. As Glenn Greenwald explains, the histrionics and melodrama around 1/6 are laughable but they serve several key purposes.

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