2022 January 6 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

It used to be joke among parents that we could mold our child’s behavior through shame and self-doubt. Unfortunately, this has proven to be an effective strategy for coercing people in regards to Covid. Tim O’ Brien has great advice on how to recognize when this kind social engineering is being used against you.

Most people see and recognize that prices are going higher and higher on everything they buy. However, very few people understand what inflation is and what causes it. Brian McGlinchey describes it as a stealth tax with no maximum rate.

I’m purposely spending very little time talking about the January 6th anniversary today. But something you should know is that the DOJ has admitted to secretly sending ‘commandos’ to the Capitol with shoot-to-kill orders, several days prior to Jan 6. What did they apparently know that all the other law enforcement agencies did not?

Since the public appears to be regaining its ability to think in the face of Covid, I guess it makes sense that the power-seekers and opportunists would trot out another existential threat to keep us in line. Jon Miltimore explains how some are opening advocating for more authoritarianism in order to fight climate change. At least they’re finally calling it what it is.

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