2022 January 5 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

I hate to steal anyone’s thunder but there are still some lingering questions over the events of last January 6th. Julie Kelly lists out a few of the reasons that the “insurrection” narrative is now in serious doubt.

One of the more positive developments we’re seeing right now has to do with the fact that the mainstream media is having its first real encounter with reality in a while. Here’s a commentary that explains why the mainstream media is losing the fight of its life–thanks to Joe Rogan.

America’s political class seems determined to cast Russia as an existential threat to our well-being. Take a moment to read Pat Buchanan’s take on the matter. He has some convincing reasons that Russia is not the great rival; China is.

If standing firm in defense of your remaining freedoms is a primary goal, you’ll likely appreciate Robert E. Wright’s simple new year’s resolution. Overcoming collectivist groupthink is only possible when we, as individuals, understand and live the concepts that promote freedom.


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