2022 January 5 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Not a day goes by that I don’t feel real gratitude for the principled voices who have refused to yield to the systems that seek to rule us. Ron Paul makes the case for taking back our liberty in 2022.

My apologies for banging the drum so relentlessly in urging people to listen to Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Robert Malone. Their conversation may be one of the most important interviews you’ve heard in ages. It represents a tectonic shift in public awareness of a long overdue challenge to the prevailing narrative.

YouTube has scrapped Joe Rogan’s podcast episode with Dr. Malone over “misinformation” concerns that Malone compared our current cultural climate with Nazi Germany. Sure seems like the modern day book-burners are working very hard to make sure we aren’t able to consider unapproved ideas. Are we sure these censors are on the right side of history?

David Butler is back with his third installment of his series on American prophets. This time around, he’s spotlighting Ronald Reagan and some of his prophetic insights.

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