2022 January 4 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

If there was ever a time when personal courage was a necessity, it’s now. Paul Rosenberg has a marvelous essay on how to build confidence and courage, as well as a handy way to distinguish between these two qualities.

Higher education is ground zero for our ongoing culture wars. Garion Frankel questions whether the Masters of Education degree being offered by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education is really just a Masters degree in faux social justice.

How can you tell when someone is trying to brainwash you? It’s usually not something that’s clear cut and easily recognizable. Kent McManigal says don’t fall for the brainwashing and offers some timely tips on how to spot it when it’s being used on you.

If you need a bit of clarity as to how the state isn’t your friend, check out this compilation of the wackiest parenting stories of 2021 provided by Lenore Skenazy. This is solid evidence of how out of balance government is becoming at every level and why, as a parent, you cannot let your guard down.

It should be clear by now that much of the narrative we’ve been fed for the past two years is falling apart like a soup sandwich. James Howard Kunstler has an unflinching look at the crimes against our country and how those responsible must be held accountable or American can safely be declared a lawless nation.

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