2022 January 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

To fully comprehend what has taken place over the past two years requires a willingness to face some unpleasant realities. Jeffrey A. Tucker does a great job of breaking down the reactionary political ethos of lockdowns and mandates and why people are beginning to say “no.”

Keith Kelsch returns to the show to remind us of an important event taking place tonight in St. George, Utah with the Voice, Vote and Value Summit. If you’re serious about building what comes next, this is a meeting you should consider attending.

Teaching kids about the realities of our world shouldn’t be an excuse to deny them an age of innocence. Paul Rosenberg’s recent essay on teaching children about the vulnerabilities of humanity is essential to helping them recognize that we may have things to fix but if we work at it, we can fix them.

Do you remember hearing the word “miracle” being used to describe the mRNA vaccines developed and rolled out last year? Jordan Schachtel certainly remembers and wonders what happened to the mRNA miracle when Covid data shows no appreciable difference mRNA and non-mRNA countries.

When we are deficient in certain nutrients, it puts us at risk of a number of preventable diseases. Likewise when living in a time of truth deficiency, we need to be aware of what we’re feeding our minds.

If you’ve been curious about why public schools have become a battleground for masking, just follow the money. Dr. Howard Pease explains how government bribes schools follow Covid mandates against the wishes of parents.

Here’s one to keep an eye on: Mike Maharrey reports that Oklahoma may be considering a bill that would create a state bullion depository for gold and silver. I wonder how the federal reserve will react to the prospect of a state introducing authentic competition into the monetary system. I’m guessing they won’t like it a bit.

By now you’ve likely heard the term “mass formation psychosis” used to describe the mass hypnosis which seems to hold sway over so many folks. Dr. Robert Malone has an informative take on the term and some convincing evidence that our current societal mindlessness is an example of it.

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