2022 January 24 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Ever heard of the phrase “a Jezebel spirit”? I hadn’t until I read Allan Stevo’s latest column about how Jezebel spirits thrive when there is no one willing to stand. If you’ve wondered why your courage is needed, now more than ever, this is a terrific read.

Isn’t it fascinating how mask mandates are one of the primary battlegrounds now between the folks who want to control others and the rest of us? Jeff Diest says it’s time to unmask America and get back to normal life–with visible human faces.

My friend Curt Mercadante recently reminded me that we tend to find more of the things upon which we focus. This means that focusing on the negative will bring more negativity into your life. On the other hand, if you were to focus on things like heroic virtue, don’t be surprised if you experience more of it. Andrew E. Harrod provides a handy definition of what that kind of virtue is.

It’s hard to overstate how much Glenn Greenwald has done and continues to do to shine the light of truth for anyone who is seeking it. His latest article on how Congress’s 1/6 committee is claiming absolute power as it investigates citizens with no judicial limits is some straight up truth-telling.

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