2022 January 20 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Thank heavens for people who are unafraid to speak the truth. Jordan B. Peterson has been a vocal critic of Justin Trudeau’s mandatory vax policy. Patrick Carroll has a nice breakdown of why Peterson is mincing no words.

Why do so many people seem oblivious to our current loss of freedoms? Jeff Thomas has a great take on the boiling the frog analogy and how it applies to us today.

Is a nation a society that has a soul? G.K. Chesterton certainly thought so and Jeff Minnick shares some of Chesterton’s wisdom to illustrate the dual and possessed personality that is haunting America.

Keeping up with the ever-shifting narrative isn’t easy. We can be thankful for observers like Eric Peters for his tireless efforts to keep us up to speed on where the goalposts have been moved.

It’s clear the feds are going to use Jan 6 as the cudgel to beat the American public into silent submission. Judge Andrew Napolitano has a solid analysis of last week’s indictment of several members of Oathkeepers and how the political class claims these individuals were plotting to overthrow the government.


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