2022 January 14 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Making the decision to relocate to a more rural community in the last year wasn’t necessarily the easiest decision. But it sure feels like we landed on one of the few remaining islands of freedom. Annie Holmquist suggests that the current flight to small towns may save America.

Here’s a counterpoint to the idea of voting with your feet in order to retain what remains of your freedoms. Allan Stevo has some great advice on how honest, face to face conversations change the world.

One of the most unpleasant truths of the past two years is that a large segment of the public has been trained to be outraged by rule-breakers rather than tyrannical rules. Joanna Williams wonders why it took the media so long to acknowledge the ongoing destruction of our lives and freedoms.

Exercising your freedom isn’t exactly getting easier. An often overlooked aspect of self-determination is the freedom to maneuver. Kit Arthur explains why it matters.


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