2022 January 13 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

Have you noticed how little the media is saying about the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor Whitmer? Julie Kelly says that virtual blackout isn’t an accident. She lays out the likely cause of why the case itself is imploding.

It should be clear by now that the political class is terrified by the prospect of an armed citizenry being able to tell them “no” and to resist by force, if necessary. Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed has just thwarted another attempt to stop “ghost guns” through regulatory fiat.

Watching the Covid narrative collapse is a hopeful development. It’s pretty satisfying when officials get called out on their abuse of power. Tom Woods has a great example of what this looks like.

It seems pretty clear that the folks who think they must tell the rest of us what to do have no intention of relinquishing the control they’ve assumed via the pandemic. Brendan O’Neill says we won’t get back to normality by waiting for them to give us permission to be free. That’s a choice we’ll make for ourselves.

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