2022 January 12 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The Fourth Turning historical cycle that is playing out before us is building to its climax. Jim Quinn has a lengthy and highly informative essay on our current bad moon rising. Better buckle up. Bumpy road ahead.

Sometimes it seems like we have to choose between being misled by lies and propaganda or by misinformation and conspiracy theories. The Good Citizen has a great essay on Indiana Alex Jones and the Last Conspiracy Theory. A very worthwhile read.

If someone suggests that we are living in revolutionary times, they’re not wrong. The question is, what kind of revolution we’re experiencing. Ron Paul says we need a revolution of ideas that don’t rely on the force of government for their legitimacy.

The prospect of a civil war is not something to be romanticized. William Sullivan accurately recounts what issue was really at the heart of what we call the Civil War and why it’s relevant today.


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