2022 February 8 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The about-face on Covid policy that we’re seeing in so many public officials is a sure sign that they are getting nervous. Jordan Schachtel describes the current effort to abandon ship as politicians seek a clean exit from the sunk costs of Covid mania.

I talk a lot about the need to stay rooted in reality. It’s something that our kids need as well. Paul Rosenberg explains why rooting in reality is essential to maintaining our sense of right and wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with apologizing when you’ve done something wrong. At the same time, bending the knee to the woke mob isn’t likely to do much more than encourage them to attack even harder. Rajan Laad recounts some of the lessons to learn from Joe Rogan’s apology spree.

The anti-Rogan operation has shifted its concerns from “misinformation” to accusations of racism. Apparently, this wasn’t about the science at all. As Liz Sheld puts it, it’s about punishing him for being influential.

If you haven’t subscribed to Margaret Anna Alice’s Substack, you’re missing out on some real gems; like her Letter to Justin Trudeau. It’s a marvelous call for the Canadian prime minister to return to sanity.

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