2022 February 7 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

To get a sense of how manipulative and pathetic the global elite and their media enablers have become, just consider the shameless woke pandering of Justin Trudeau. Vasko Kohlmayer explains why it’s time for the truckers and us regular folks to withdraw our consent from the ruling class.

Despite mass media’s efforts to downplay or to spin the trucker protest against Covid tyranny in Canada as a racist torch rally, the spirit of defiance is growing. Lew Rockwell has an excellent summary for anyone who is just now catching on to what’s happening.

How old were you when you were allowed to play outdoors without any adult watching over you? The answer will depend heavily on when you were born. Lenore Skenazy explains why kids keep getting their freedom later in life and why that’s not a good thing.

Disagreement without conflict may be difficult but it’s certainly not impossible. Sheldon Richman has a great take on how to win people to side of freedom without being disagreeable.

Politicians and their functionaries cannot be trusted to tell the truth. I get it if that sounds like something that a “fringe extremist” might say. Nevertheless, the U.S. government’s claim about Russia gearing up for a false flag operation in Ukraine is hard to take at face value. Daniel McAdams explains why this conspiracy theory lacks credibility.

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