2022 February 4 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

You don’t need to be into self-help books to recognize good advice when it comes along. If you’re serious about living better, you’re going to find some terrific food for thought in Joakim Book’s essay on how reality decides, in economics and evolutionary biology alike.

It takes courage to not just complain about how the cost of everything is going up but instead to learn why those costs keep climbing. Brian McGlinchey has a great explanation of how inflation is a stealth tax with no maximum rate. He’s a far more trustworthy source than pandering politicians.

Is nostalgia a good thing or a bad thing? The answer often depends upon who you ask. Edward Curtin has some keen insights on what nostalgia is and isn’t and explains why he’s nostalgic for the future.

The dumbest thing I ever allowed myself to believe is that life is supposed to be comfortable. Time and experience have shown me that the best things happen outside of my comfort zone. Allan Stevo explains why repetitions matter when it comes to realizing your greatest potential.

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