2022 February 4 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Sometimes it seems as thought the war-like language gets overused. However, this Good Citizen essay on the silent war is a brilliant description of the mental conflict currently raging around us.

How dare anyone stand up for his or her individual rights in this day and age? James Bovard says judging by the way the media is going after the Canadian truckers, is freedom public enemy number one?

Ever notice how totalitarian regimes all seem to be so keen on keeping religion under wraps? They don’t like the idea of a competing moral authority to their own. Albin Sadar gets right to the heart of the matter by asking, “Who died and made you boss?

At some point, when you recognize that the people in power are imposing tyranny on us, you have to be willing to put your foot down and say, “No more.” Dee Chadwell has an interesting take on symbols of shame and why we must reject them.

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