2022 February 3 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

It didn’t take long for the powers that be in Canada to try to equate the snowballing trucker protest against vax mandates with a racist 1/6 kind of uprising. The key word here is “try.” As Bradley C.S. Watson explains, the tactic is falling flat and the resistance appears poised to keep on truckin’.

Economics can be boring until you see an example of how it applies in your life. You know, like if you eat food, for instance. Caitlin Gilligan has an eye-opening essay regarding the dark truth about America’s agricultural system and how it’s no longer a free market.

Connor Boyack has some highly relevant thoughts on truckers, Joe Rogan and unacceptable views. He also has a very timely call to action to teach our children the importance of being peaceful protestors, critical thinkers and questioners of the status quo.

A difficult, albeit necessary, skill to master is the ability to keep things in perspective. For instance, how many of us labor under the impression that we are the only ones who ever empty the trash or load the dishwasher. Joakim Book has a great essay on the negativity effect and how to avoid being trapped in it.

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