2022 February 28 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

At the risk of sounding conspiratorial, isn’t it convenient how the public’s attention has somehow shifted away from the collapsing Covid narrative to Putin and Ukraine? Vasko Kohlmayer says that’s not an accident.

We hear the word “privilege” a lot these days. However, its meaning seems to escape the folks who use it the most. Sheldon Richman has some timely clarification about what privilege is and what it isn’t.

The battle between freedom and tyranny seems very real right now. Scott McPherson reminds us that nukes, war planes and tanks are not enough to prevent people from standing for freedom.

It’s risky to advance a point of view that isn’t in lockstep with the mainstream narrative right now. But Pat Buchanan has a point worth considering here: Did we provoke Putin’s war in Ukraine?

Would the ruling class be willing to start a new world war just to cover up their Covid crimes against humanity? Before you answer, please consider Lew Rockwell’s plea to keep us out of war.

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