2022 February 24 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

When people stand up against government overreach, the crux of the matter isn’t the tone of voice they are using–it’s the violation of the government’s limits. Gary M. Galles wonders whether our current tension is the result of uncivil cause or effect.

The media drumbeat about Ukraine sure seems to be trying to steer our country toward military conflict. Lawrence M. Vance reminds us that Ron Paul was right about Ukraine in 2014 and he’s right today as well.

It’s interesting how the divide between rural and urban centers has sparked the freedom convoys. Dan Gelernter asks, where did our freedom go?

If you’ve ever uttered the words, “There ought to be a law…” here’s a message you need to hear. Laws and legislation aren’t the same thing. Kent McManigal explains how legislation only creates new crime.


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