2022 February 23 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

You can see the light beginning to come on for a lot of people. And they’re not happy about what they’re realizing. As Dr. Robert Malone explains, the CDC has deliberately withheld data from the public regarding Covid, over fears that it might be “misinterpreted.” Whatever that means.

If you read just one article this week, it should be this one. Antony Davies shares some uncomfortable truths about our political parties and the need for a 3rd party alternative that isn’t part of the corrupted machinery.

If you were a bit fuzzy on why property rights are foundational to a free society, there’s an object lesson in what’s happening in Canada right now. Charles C.W. Cooke says that Canada’s cash grab reminds us why ownership matters.

The Canadian news media has actively worked to deceive the public through distorted and false narratives regarding the freedom convoy. American MSM will likely do the same. Twitter has already pulled the plug on this video from a U.S. freedom convoy organizer. I wonder why.

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